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Time: 21 min

Nicole Oring is pissed, Melissa Jacobs is stealing her territory and there needs to be a reckoning, they decide to meet up at the ring and see who is the toughest gang leader. Both ladies show up in their oh so sexy outfits, Melissa is all over Nicole as she sexually strokes her but our Asian beauty is having none of this and calls her twat a garbage dump so the fiery red head slams her in the gut; the fight is on! Heels get kicked off as Mel chokes Nicole on the ropes then knocks her to the canvas for more destruction, but we all know how tough the brunette is and eventually she musters up the energy for her comeback, she wants nothing more than to see that red hair fly, and fly it does from kicks and blows. Melissa is not about to give up so we know we are in for a real fight — both ladies give and take in this wild battle to see who is has the toughest gang and who gets control of lucrative west side. Only one girl is walking out of this ring and the other one will have to kiss her ass and then some !!!!!


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