Bruising Babes




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— 60 MINUTES —

NUDE CATFIGHT MATCH 1 -This is a continuation of 1390-03 with Bella Rosi and Janna Hicks, such a huge hit about the widows after a funeral, they were in the lawyers office to see where the money was going and found out the deceased husband wanted them to fight for the estate — and fight they did till they knocked each other out. We pick up as they are waking after that amazing fight, both are nude and bruised, maybe it’s time to call a trues – I don’t think so, not only do they hate each other but they both want that money. Bella wakes up first and decides she needs the bathroom before resuming the battle, Janna wakes to find her foe gone and goes to find her. It’s a small bathroom but that won’t stop these wildcats, Janna slams Bella in the breast and drags her out to the floor in front of the bathroom where they have one hell of a battle, Bella on the floor gives Janna a sneak blow to her crotch and now both ladies are on the floor where a ferocious breast battle begins, they gouge and twist tits, then slam them together – these are big girls with big breasts and some weight behind their attacks so this is some real battering. So much breast ramming they have to go to the crotches and both clamp on with evil intent till pain becomes too much. One then kicks the other back into the bedroom where the savage catfight gets even hotter, if that’s possible — they both want that money and will do anything for it — and I mean anything as you will find out — yes there is some real woe for these widows !!!!!!!

TOPLESS KICKBOXIN MATCH 2 – Keri Spectrum and Kymberly Jane are in the ring talking smack as they get ready to smack hell out of each other, this is no ordinary boxing match no this is kick boxing so our beauties are able to use their beautiful legs as weapons. The battle begins and neither lady is much for defense, no these girls just want to swing for the fences and when they connect we see the damage. They smack each other around the ring and for good measure they kick, mostly a good front push kick to the gut. Each takes a turn battering her foe in the corner till Kymberly finds her top down bracing her large breasts and Keri uses this opportunity to pound on her exposed mammaries. Seems like one takes control as she has her foe on the canvas several times, but wait there is an amazing come back. And this is just the first round, in the next part we have just as much battering but now Keri’s top also comes down allowing her tits to be tagged as the battle rages – one lady takes over and her dominance is savage, even to the point of sexual as when she has her rival down she rubs her crotch to get her off, no small feat with boxing gloves on. Yes this is one hell of a kick boxing battle with a little sex to spice it up – we all know how feisty both of these babes are, they do not disappoint in this classic kick boxing extravaganza !!!!!!


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