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The lethal Latina Francesca challenges the bombastic and bountiful Shannan in this rollicking ring riot. An opening test of strength has the smaller Francesca bringing Shannan to her knees where the Hispanic hellion kicks, stomps, punches and splashes the bigger brunette with savage glee. Shannan finally manages to catch Francesca in a waist scissors, but Francesca escapes and snares Shannan with a cobra clutch and a surfboard. Shannan realizes that she’ll need to resort to drastic measures and starts raining down stomps and blows of her own. Stretching Francesca’s limbs with a devastating bow and arrow hold starts taking the lead, but soon finds herself choking as Francesca uses Shannan’s bikini top against her. Shannan catches her breath enough to stomp Francesca in the belly as the Latina is propped against the low rope. Francesca is forced into the corner with her top now stripped off and used as a garrote while Shannan softens her up with more knees to the belly. More choking and scissors are applied to each girl as they each struggle for escape and air. Figure four chokes, belly punches, kicks and even more vise-like scissors do considerable damage to these battling beauties as they each struggle for supremacy. The powerful Shannan lifts Francesca on her shoulders and forces the Latina into the corner for more pounding punishment. A waist scissors and sleeper combination puts an end to one lady’s struggles for the day.


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