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Match 1 – Francesca Le stretched over the turnbuckle and getting ravaged with shattering blows to her thighs, gut and crotch as a gleeful Kymberly Jane drives her fists deep and hard into Fran’s tan body. Oh I’m getting ahead of myself, Fran is ready to destroy this brash red head when a low blow has the brunette reeling with pain, and Kym takes over with a total dismantling of the poor brunette. From all the corners, along the ropes and on the canvas comes the annihilation of Fran’s body – battered gut and crotch… ouch! And that claw, where Kym rips into Fran’s gut and pulls her skin so hard it lifts Fran off the ground – yes, Kym is going crazy on Franny. This is total, even when Fran tries to crawl away she is attacked and once she rolls over she gets Kym’s axe handle blows and oh does Kym love to get her beautiful body behind these crushing blows. Fran’s top comes off soon and Kym takes hers off so she can swing harder – yeah, she is really into this one… only get this one if you can handle a total wipe out and I do mean TOTAL !!!!!

Match 2 – These two blonde wrestlers are wearing nothing but g-strings. Nikki Delano and Christie Steven’s perky tits salute each other from across the ring. Before the match can start, the girls agree to some challenges. They start with a breast challenge. Both fighters put their hands behind their back and then use their tits to push one another across the ring. The first to shove her opponent into the ropes wins. Next is a leg-wrestling match. The women point their muscular legs high into the air before intertwining their gams and pulling on one another. All of this is just a warm up for Nikki and Christie. Once the girls are limbered up they get down to business. They slug and knee one another in the tummy until they are grunting like wounded animals. Nikki claws at Christie’s soft and pale breasts until they are red and sore. Christie makes a target of Nikki’s perfectly round and plump ass. The whole match may come down to whose body part can take the most damage, Christie’s tits or Nikki’s ass.

Match 3 – Erika Jordan and Skylar Rene hate each other. The video opens with both women facing off and slinging insults. Within minutes they remove their tops and attack one another’s tits. Their strong fingers and sharp nails dig and twist. It is hard to tell if the moans are caused by the exertion of their attack or the pain from their wounds. They maul each other’s breasts while standing, then fall onto the couch, then tumble to the floor. All the while, they never stop attacking the soft fleshy tits of their opponent. Erika and Skylar’s mini skirts slowly roll up onto their hips throughout the tussle. This shows of their legs and asses, which are nicely stuffed into some sexy panty hose. They also never remove their high heels. I guess they are so preoccupied with inflicting damage on each other that they forgot. These two brunette beauties put on one of the sexiest cat fights you will ever see. Strap in for this steamy match.


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