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Time: 18 Minutes

Two of DT’s most beautiful blondes face off in our first match that begins with Jana Cat and Tylene Buck topless and ready for a smackdown. A protracted test of strength brings Tylene down to one knee, but she will not go down. Changing tactics, Jana snaps a full nelson on Tylene, going for a quick submission. With Tylene still not surrendering, Jana lets Tylene fall to the mat and mounts the toppled blonde. Bashing Tylene’s stomach Jana follows up the belly blows with some good old-fashioned choking. Jana is definitely enjoying her advantage and keeps Tylene down with kick after kick. Tiring of this, Jana helps Tylene to her feet—by her hair. Tylene is bellypunched while backed into the ring ropes until Jana throws Tylene to the mat yet again. Jana uses her impressive breasts to bop Tylene in the face a few times and digs her manicured claws into Tylene’s own ample bosom. Tylene is really getting the treatment as the mean Cat lady devastates the hapless Ms. Buck with body blows galore as Tylene is trapped in the ring corner. Will Tylene be able to come back to life and overcome the juggernaut that is Jana Cat? One topless blonde will be a winner, the other a loser. You’ll have to buy this match to see which one it is.


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