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Time: 19 Minutes

This ring encounter finds blondes Stacy Burke and Tasha Welch talking some trash as they snarl each other’s bodies in tangles of twisted limbs. Tasha tries to bridge out of Stacy’s waist scissors, but the smaller blonde just won’t let go so easily. Tasha manages to lift Stacy even as Stacy keeps her legs wrapped around her. In a clever move, Tasha finally reverses positions and it is Stacy struggling for breath as her ribs are crushed by Tasha’s thighs. Changing tactics the fair-haired firebrands soon find themselves in mutual choke holds. When Stacy manages to wrap her legs around Tasha again, the tall willowy blonde attacks Stacy’s stomach and breasts. Stacy gives tit for tat and both girls grunt and groan as their breasts are mauled mercilessly. Stacy’s top is the first to fall and she is kicked around the ring like a soccer ball. Heads are rammed, bellies are blasted and kneed and even crotches are punished as one blonde tries to outdo the other’s punishing assault. It takes one final devastating combination of choking and scissors to ultimately drain one blonde of what little fight she has left as she drops off into breathless unconsciousness.


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