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Time/Size: 17 Minutes/326 MB

Francesca and Diana are each dressing up for a night on the town, but find that their dresses have been torn up by the other. They tear into each other like alley cats, both with revenge burning their eyes. Ripping the offending r=garments off their bodies and leaving both babes in the skimpiest of thongs, the sizzling spitfires claw at each other all round the room, clawing at each other’s breasts and literally going for the jugular. No part of their magnificent anatomies is spared punishment as hair is pulled, breasts are clawed and mauled, and sinewy limbs are twisted and tortured. Foot stomps take their terrible toll and full, ample breasts are used to smother the life of each fiery femme fatale. One hellion to facesit the other into oblivion but then is subjected to more breast smother action—only to have that reversed to a waist scissors. Diana and Francesca are most emphatically committed to hurting each other, raining punches at each other and trying to crush each other in a breast-to-breast bearhug. When the exhausting end finally comes, it’s hard to tell who’s the winner in this hot-blooded feud.


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