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Time/Size: 21 min/333 MB

Petite Asian Sasha is two tons of dynamite in a tiny package, as Sandy quickly learns as she finds herself flat on her back within seconds of the opening bell and being smashed by Sasha’s body splashes. Trying to salvage her reputation, Sandy body slams Sasha to the mat and stomps the little ink-haired beauty mercilessly. An armbar nearly dislocates Sasha’s shoulder, but she quickly counters and bombards Sandy with hard blows. Sandy gets back at the atomic Asian and Sasha crashes hard after being decked with a clothesline. A leg drop further weakens Sasha and Sandy uses Sasha’s underwire bra to choke her opponent. Sandy clamps a head scissors and arm barn that further hurts Sasha but the lethal lotus is far from through. Sasha flips Sandy to the canvas and slams the big blonde’s head to the mat repeatedly. Sasha jumps fro the ropes to inflict even more damage. After more carnage, the unbelievable happens. Sasha knocks Sandy out with a sleeper to win the first fall. Could the Queen of Heels’ winning streak actually be coming to an end at the hands of a novice? The second fall finds a sadder but wiser Sandy staring down at her opponent—her eyes filled with vengeance.


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