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Match 1Cali Logan is one of our most popular girls and so is Melissa Jacobs, they are about the same size and skill level so putting these two together for a multi fall pin match is guaranteed to be loads of fun. Yes when these young bodies collide it’s a meeting of determined flesh, both are anxious to win and both know lots of holds: scissors, stretches, figure four head scissors and Cali even does some heavy lifting with pile drivers and slams – but down and dirty is also part of the game as they soon rip each others tops off and go for some breast destruction. Young ladies full of energy that truly love to roll, cross body pins, match book pins and lots of kick outs as no one wants to lose this one. Melissa in her wrestling boots and Cali in her low cut sneakers, both fitted to do some stomping. Young, beautiful and full of energy – two of your favorites ready to put on a real show!!

Match 2 – What has come over Tanya Danielle, getting in the ring with with the sadistic Sandy White – doesn’t she know Sandy’s reputation? To destroy with joy, that’s Sandy’s motto and Tanya is about to feel the pain. Sandy is in an extra feisty mood as she starts her usual destruction on the busty blond. You seldom see Tanya leave her feet but on many occasions the beautiful blond is hoisted in the air only to be slammed hard to the mat. And let us not forget all those painful holds, especially the sleepers, yes a myriad of air denying sleepers that have Tanya the constant damsel in distress. It gets even worse when Tanya’s breasts are freed – somehow naked breasts are like a red flag to this maiden of mayhem. A sound beating it is, by non other than the buxom queen of destruction, Sandy White.

Match 3Ashley Grace has become a rising star at DT, a big girl with lots of spirit and talent that’s constantly improving. Also amazing strength, as Carloyn Reese soon finds out – yes Ashley picks her up many times and drops her hard on the canvas. Carolyn is a pretty blond that tries hard but against a strong girl who knows holds she has a real problem, once she rips Ashley’s top off and can attack those lovely breasts, well now she’s in her element. Yes a catfight is what our girly blond wants and she goes after it with attacks to breast and crotch, but this is a multi pin match and soon the determined Ashley has her first fifteen count pin with more to come. Can the curvaceous blond come back from this young power-house or is the beautiful Ashley just too much.


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