Match 1Ariel X and Hollywood have two of the best bodies in the business, and on top of that they are two of the most ferocious fighters DT has ever seen. These beauties lose their tops and their pity for each other. The back breakers and boston crabs are cruel and executed with extreme force. Hollywood holds her own against the powerful Ariel for a while, but it’s no use. Ariel quickly takes control of the match and puts Hollywood through the wringer. Ariel beats, humiliates, chokes, crushes, and stretches the life out of the once legendary Hollywood. It’s a sad moment for a once great wrestler, but it’s a great moment for any fan of womens wrestling. Watching this beat down is utterly glorious. You’re gonna love watching Hollywood writhe in pain and Ariel flex in victory.

Match 2 – Wow! Melissa and Nicole are absolutely stunning in this match. Melissa has her hair in a ponytail and is wearing the cutest little yellow thong, while Nicole is wearing a red, white, and blue bikini bottom that makes me wanna’ stand up salute the flag pole in my shorts. The girls start the match out topless, and these two have some incredible tah-tahs. This is yet another awesome destruction match. At various times throughout the match the dirty Puma jumps in the ring and helps Nicole double team and massacre the adorable Melissa. The cruelty with which Nicole tortures Melissa is both horrifying and tantalizing.

Match 3 -Destruction! The gorgeous JC Marie has foolishly accepted a fight with the powerhouse Sandy White. Sandy crushes JC like a grape. She rips JC’s top off early, showing those big beautiful titties to the whole world. Watching such a perfect woman being so horribly destroyed is beyond fun, it’s addicting, it’s entrancing, it’s a total turn on! JC falls to Sandy in so many ways: sleeper holds, airplane spins, full nelsons, and school girl pins. You’re going to love this fight so much that you’ll have to change your underwear about 4 times. Get ready for a great time, sit back, relax, and watch total domination and destruction by the indomitable Sandy White.


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