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Match 1 -Veteran bronze beauty Francesca Le goes up against the bountiful blond, Karen Fisher – Franny loves these big busted blonds, it brings out the best or worst in her. Karen uses her size so Francesca quickly cheats with a low blow. Over and over they roll, tan over cream, vet over newbie. Fran soon frees Karen’s huge breasts and uses her top to choke, but karen uses these fleshy mounds to smother Francesca till she seems unconscious. No we are by no means over, so much more – a fabulous face sit that encompasses both a crotch grab and breast torture – all while wiggling her behind on the blond’s countenance, then she batters those flesh pillows with alternating fist blows. Finally Karen gets control and now it’s her turn to destroy, this time the face sit is with her on top and torturing, then to mutual breast torture and we still have half this wild party to go – yes this is one fun match as the big blond and the spunky brunette put on one hell of a show!

Match 2 – Two of the toughest in the business come to get it on, Ariel X and Amber Michels, not just tough but also lean beauties. These girls love to mix it up and they throw a little bit of everything in, they both know all the moves and holds but love to let the cat out, yeah these ladies are always ready to throw a low blow, stretch a tit, pull some hair or crank up a wedgie. It’s the best of both worlds, slamming kicks to the gut, arm and leg bars, mutual breast torture, inventive choke holds – you name it they throw it in. Oh and did I mention trash talking, back and forth right up to the bitter end – nothing but the best by two of the toughest beauties around!

Match 3 -It’s a collar match, that’s right the loser has to wear a dog collar and gets destroyed, JC Marie asks Tasha Welch who was dumb enough to accept her challenge, a blow to her back lets her know, it’s her. A long beat down ensues as Tasha softens her up for the awaiting large metal collar with connecting hand cuffs. Tasha attacks every part of that perfect blond body, bikini top is used to tie her hands behind her back, then bends her over and spanks that large, hard as a rock, round butt. JC is slammed from pillar to post, time for the collar but wait the tables turn, now it’s her turn to tie up some hands and deliver some pain, kicks, breast smothers, and her own ass spanking. But who can get the collar on, who gets to walk the dog? One beautiful girl ends up wearing both collar and cuffs, beaten and humiliated she whines for release but release does not come. Two beautiful blonds that will do anything to get that collar on, one walks the dog – the other one whines!


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