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Match 1Natalie Minx and Mellanie are polar opposites. Natalie is a pale, brunette, lean, tattooed bad girl while Mellanie is a full figured, tanned, blonde sweet heart. So seeing these two contrast together as they clash together is quite the treat. Both of these girls have amazing breasts, the shape and size of which are nearly perfect. Hell, they are perfect! Watching them boob punch each other is way too much fun. Natalie’s breasts jiggle oh so beautifully as she repeatedly two-hand chokes Melanie to the verge of unconsciousness. You are going to love watching these DT newbies beat the stuffing out of each other. Who do you have your money on, the sweet blonde, or the mean brunette?

Match 2Amber Michaels has already fought a match today and she lost it horribly, but now she has to face Shayla (aka Kristal Summers). Shayla is in great shape as anyone can see, but Amber fights with a desperation that is hard to match. Shayla attacks with multiple crotch kicks and foot stomps, while Amber retaliates with a variety of different and inventive chokes. You’ll love watching Shayla’s amazing body and gorgeous face contort and twitch with pain. The winner of this match tortures and humiliates the loser in ways that would arouse a stone statue. Will Amber be disgraced by losing two matches in one day, or will she redeem herself and her career?

Match 3 -WOW! What a smoking hot match this is. Both girls are in sexy and slim mini skirts when Ariel X tells JC Marie that she is going to make her into her sex slave. JC immediately refuses saying, “NEVER”, that’s when Ariel X attacks JC. They wrestle and slap each other hard on the ass and thighs. Eventually Ariel X mounts JC and starts to undress her whimpering victim. Before you know it, both girls are only in black g-strings and high heels. The rest of this awesome match consists of Ariel X owning JC’s fine ass. Ariel alternates between sessions of soft and sensual kisses and strokes and bouts of cruel punches, slaps, hair pulling, and chokes. The cherry on top is at the very end of the match, Ariel pulls out a metal collar with leash and shackles, and uses it to parade JC around the room like a dog. To watch these two sexy women do naughty things to each other just purchase this match.


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