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Match 1 -Bedecked in a sheer black mini-dress and heels, Christina Carter is out to whip the butt of Goldie Blair, dressed in the unusual combination of mini-dress and wrestling boots and who’s been diddling Christina’s man. The dresses quickly become history as naked butts are clawed and exposed crotches become tender targets. The only remaining attire are Goldie’s boots and these nasty nymphs claw, bite, grope and squeeze each other through multiple KOs, until a final bare-ass facesit smother wraps up this hot and heavy fight fest.

Match 2 -It’s youth versus experience as Melanie takes on Lisa Comshaw. These hellcats quickly become a tangle of limbs as they rip into each other. Tops quickly come undone and bottoms are yanked up hard against butt cracks and crotches. Lisa uses a crossbody pin to count Melanie out in the first fall, but Melanie totally takes over from the second fall on. Melanie adds further insult by stripping Lisa naked. This proves to be only the beginning of Lisa’s troubles as the nude vet is systematically torn apart by the malicious Melanie.

Match 3 -As Sandy preps to go home after a day of wrestling Sinn Sage enters the ring calling Sandy out for beating up Sinn’s inexperienced friend. Sinn’s belief that Sandy may be too tired to be much of a challenge appears justified as she initially throws the big blonde all across the ring. However, once Sandy takes charge, Sinn’s momentum is neutralized by Sandy’s vicious holds and throws. Sinn’s bikini is torn from her body a piece at a time until she’s as naked as a plucked chicken—and Sandy’s going to have her for dinner.


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