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Match 1 -Dressed in black shirts over bras, panties, hose and heels, it’s not clear just what type of clients business rivals Eve Ellis and Akira Lane cater to, but neither exec is above stabbing the other in the back to steal them. However, with no knife available, they resort to good old-fashioned hair pulling. Coiled fingers yank viciously on stressed tresses as these leggy ladies squeal like banshees throughout the office. Realizing that this was getting them nowhere, Akira suggests they settle the argument with a tit fight, the winner to get all the clients. Removing their blouses and bras, the challenge is accepted as manicured talons dig deeply into each lady’s exposed mounds. The screams become even louder as nipples all mauled and bodies writhe all over the office furniture and the floor. Chest to chest bearhugs compound the breast destruction. The hatred between Eve and Akira is palatable and their battered boobs are tortured testament to that enmity. This isn’t business—this is personal.

Match 2Cali Logan enters the room burning mad that she’d just been fired by her boss—and her fire is stoked even further when she learns that her roommate Christina Carter will be the one replacing her. Christina figures that Cali was replaced because the boss prefers Christina’s breasts to Cali’s—not exactly what Cali wanted to hear. As is usual in these scenarios, there’s but one way to settle the dispute—a catfight, with bodacious bodies tossing and tumbling all around the living room. As they tear into each other, these battling beauties soon are stripped down to their black panties, which only adds to the intensity of the battle. Breasts are mauled by lacquered nails, ribs are crushed by snaking arms and legs and hard-knuckled fists connect brutally against taut flesh. With the living room practically ablaze with this hot action, it finally comes down to a breathtaking sleeper hold to extinguish the fire.

Match 3Paris Kennedy arrives in the ring late, and Santana is not happy at all about it. Paris had come to get some lessons in tit fighting—and the ticked off Santana promises to give the tardy tyro a hard lesson she won’t ever forget—especially after Paris questions Santana’s ability to teach her. Stripping down to their shorts, the master class commences with mutual tit grabs. Magnificent mammaries are repeatedly subjected to painful clutches and the pain is evident in the ladies’ faces, despite all attempts at concealment. Paris gives as good as she gets as nipples harden with every abuse and buxom bodies squash each other in chest-to-chest bearhugs. However, as Paris starts to tire, the tide of battle turns inexorably against her and Santana, sensing her prey’s weakness, really pours on the pain with waist scissors, figure-four headlocks, facesits and, of course, copious amounts of breast punishment.


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