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Match 1Nicole Oring and Tylene Buck meet in the ring for a multi-fall, no-holds-barred, anything-goes match and both combatants waste no time getting down to dirty business. After exchanging kicks, Tylene uses Nicole’s hair to flip her hard onto the canvas, kneeing the fallen Asian’s crotch for good measure. Nicole gets some payback as she kicks Tylene in the groin and further stuns the blonde with a head butt. After Nicole is decked by a clothesline, she traps Tylene in a choke-scissors combination that knocks out the golden girl, giving the first fall to Nicole. As Nicole stomps Tylene back to consciousness, Tylene blinds her opponent with pepper spray, making the exotic beauty easy prey to Tylene’s barrage of punches, karate chops and a life-sappimg neck scissors that evens the score. With no rules to break, Nicole rallies by smashing Tylene with a metal clamp. These hellcats will stop at nothing to win, resorting to chokes, punches, chloroform, foreign objects, sleeper holds in each fatal femme’s determined quest to totally obliterate her opponent.

Match 2Hollywood plans on going old school on Sinn Sage’s ass to prove to the younger girl that she doesn’t stand a chance against a seasoned DT pro. Meeting in the parlor, Sinn says that she’s learned a lot since her past ring defeats and is ready to take Hollywood down. Hollywood lays down the rules (which are, basically, none) and declares that the winner will get five bonus minutes in which she can do whatever she wants to her beaten adversary. Sinn has barely stripped down to her bikini when Hollywood knocks her out cold with a solid right cross. Sinn is revived only to find herself yowling in pain as Hollywood works an arm bar into a camel clutch. Adding a hand smother to her waist scissors, Hollywood manages to put out Sinn’s lights once again. With every new awakening, the hapless Sinn finds herself the victim of yet another of Hollywood’s masterful maneuvers and knockout specialties. Just how many facesits, scissors, stomps, sleepers and chokes can Sinn endure before Hollywood deems she’s had enough? And what happens after that last knockout—when Hollywood claims the fruits of her victory?

Match 3 -Having just split with her boyfriend, Paris Kennedy needs to take out her rage on somebody and challenges Nicole Oring to a ring match, with the victory, and Paris’ championship belt, going to the first fighter to score three knockouts. Nicole was set to go out for the evening and needs to remove her party dress, before the Asian girl can get totally ready, Paris storms in and utterly devastates Nicole with knees, stomps and kicks. It’s the first knockout of the match, and only the beginning of what promises to be a real KO fest. Paris wakes Nicole up with a punch to the jaw and tries to capitalize on her advantage in the early seconds of round two. However, Nicole finally gets her head together and dishes out some real payback on her busty enemy. When Paris goes out, the score is tied and the final outcome still a long way from being determined. Bare-knuckle fist fighting is coupled with kick-boxing during the third round, which ends when one game gamine is punched and kicked into la-la land. And so it goes, until one bruised and bloodied battler can rise no more.


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