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Time/Size: 20 min/368 MB

The magnificently buxom bodies of Tylene Buck and Shannan Leigh are well highlighted in their athletic bras and spandex tights as they challenge each other in the DT ring. An initial test of strength brings Shannan down, but it is Tylene who falls when the test is repeated. Straddling Tylene’s back Shannan rests her weight on the blonde while clamping Tylene’s chin. Tylene then barely escapes a rib-crushing waist scissors in order to drape Shannan’s neck over the ropes to sap some of the air out of her opponent’s lungs. Trapping Shannan in the corner, the blonde bombshell pummels Shannan’s midsection with her knees. However, Shannan gives as good as she gets and Tylene takes her turn being worked over in the corner and thrown on the mat. With the tide of battle shifting back and forth, Tylene manages to choke the large-breasted brunette into unconsciousness to win the first fall. Dragging Shannan’s beaten body to the center of the ring, Tylene strikes an insolent victory pose, cherishing her triumph. However, there are more falls to come and Tylene may not be bragging for long.


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