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Time/Size: 17 MIN/273 MB

Sinn Sage may be a small girl, but she is certainly a believer in the adage “The bigger they are, the harder they fall,” and the bigger girl she intends to take down is the newcomer Audrey. Sinn quickly traps Audrey in a reverse bearhug, trying to squeeze some of the fight out of her opponent early in the game. Audrey’s long legs flail as she struggles against Sinn’s figure-four neck scissors. Sinn lays on more abuse by pinching Audrey’s breasts. Sinn is definitely having a hell of a good time as she further torments the bigger girl with a facesit, grinding her lovely bottom against Audrey’s face. This is about as much as Audrey is going to take and she trips Sinn to the mat and starts doling out a bit of payback. Both bikini tops are torn away as these hellacious firebrands do all they can to take command of the situation. The action is intense and the outcome can go either way for much of it. One weakened girl is finally trapped in a leg hook pin as she is choked into silent, but unconditional surrender.


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