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Time/Size: 21 min/383 MB

In all their years in adult entertainment, this ring catfight marks the first time that famed fetish divas Christina Carter and Eve Ellis have ever appeared together. And what better way for these bondage babes to salute this momentous event than by trading belly blows right at the start of the match? Despite Eve’s years of catfighting, it is relative newbie Christina who gets the upper hand first, marveling at the ease by which she catches Eve in a schoolgirl pin. However, Eve’s experience quickly manifests itself when she uses her legs to easily escape and get the advantage, but only for a moment. Christina’s fingers dig into Eve’s breasts and she rams Eve’s head to the canvas, even as Eve futilely tries to stop her with a waist scissors. Body blows are exchanged again and again as the action intensifies. As both sets of glorious breasts are bared, each sexy siren is subjected to tight scissors, chokes, leg holds, surfboards, hair pulls, kicks and throws. This meeting may have been long in coming, but the wait was definitely worth it as these bombastic beauties seem to really get off on the punishment they inflict. One final rib-crushing waist scissors forces one weary diva to concede defeat as the other thrusts her arms up in victory.


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