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Match 1 -Fiery Francesca Lé kicks JC Marie in the stomach to get out of a test of strength, but her busty blonde opponent is just as quick to use her fists to punch out of the Latina’s headlock, and that’s only the first 30 seconds of this ring match. Hard punches batter taut stomachs and beautiful faces as these hellcats choke, claw, contort and crush each other mercilessly. After a sleeper takes down one fighter, the fight appears to be over—until a last-minute rally turns the tables and the seeming victor faces a crushing facesit defeat.

Match 2 -Another chocolate soldier takes on a vanilla vixen as Dominique faces Sinn Sage in the ring. The black girl takes control quickly and has Sinn flat on her belly as Dominique straddles her. However, Sinn is no pushover and this bombastic battle sees the advantage swing back and forth many times. Scissors, chokes, body blows and surfboard stretches are among the myriad measures of mayhem these limber lasses mete out in their battle for supremacy. Finally, a sleeper/scissors combo saps what fight is left for one weary woman.

Match 3 – Deliciously dark Monica Foster faces Asian diva Akira Lane in our next ring encounter. Monica may have the height advantage, but it’s Akira who wins the initial test of strength and starts punching away at the cornered black girl. Roles get reversed as Monica does some body battering of her own and pounces atop her fallen foe. With bikini tops soon ripped away, these exotic gladiators pepper this feast of scissors, bearhugs and stretches with even more punches and kicks until a final sleeper hold determines a definite winner.


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