Match 1Miko vows to win her upcoming topless boxing match against Goldie Blair as she trains with her sparring partner Akira Lane. As the Asian twosome practice, Goldie enters the ring, thinking she’s going to have to take on both Miko and Akira. When Akira explains that she’s not there to fight Goldie, the bombastic Brit calls the Japanese girl a coward. Goldie is more than willing to prove herself capable of taking down both opponents, one after the other. She vows to then tie them both to the ring post and use them as punching bags. Akira is the first to face Goldie and the British buzz saw makes good her boast as Akira is completely overwhelmed. A cowering Miko tries to get away, but is shamed into confronting Goldie, who proceeds to demolish the petite pugilist with equal savagery. With both Japanese girls beaten, Goldie follows up on her threat and ties each of them to the ring posts— pathetically easy targets for some blistering body destruction.

Match 2 -Some partnerships appear doomed from the start. Even as teammates Frankie Zappitelli and Sandy White warm up for their upcoming tag-team boxing match against Summer Cummings and Goldie Blair, they can’t help but bad-mouth each other for what each perceives as the other’s fault in losing a past fight. What starts out as a practice sparring session quickly degenerates into an all-out donnybrook, with each teammate seeking to knock the other out. Each fighter gets knock down several times and the toll of battle (or should we say PRE-battle?) is definitely evident. When Goldie and Summer finally arrive, they are both dumbfounded and amused to see how their prospective opponents seem to be doing their work for them. As a battered Frankie slumps in the corner, Summer snatches victory from Sandy’s grasp and pummels away at the weary blonde. Realizing what a stupid mistake she and her partner have made, Frankie attempts to help Sandy but is herself set upon by the fresh and fatal Goldie. Sandy and Frankie don’t stand a chance and, as if their loss wasn’t bad enough, the defeated pair is then trussed up on separate turnbuckles as Summer and Goldie set out to get in some more boxing practice of their own.

Match 3 -DT Newcomer Mellanie puts on the gloves as she dukes it out in the ring with the always-exciting Melissa Jacobs. Punches are traded from the opening bell, and it is Melissa who falls first, giving Mellanie a boost in her already abundant confidence. Melissa returns to the fray and tries to out punch her slightly bigger opponent, but is knocked down again. Melissa is even knocked out of bikini top as Mellanie’s relentless assault continues. Melissa may have bitten off more than she could chew in this contest as Mellanie totally controls this match. Realizing that she is no match against Mellanie’s boxing prowess, Melissa rips off her gloves and wrestles Mellanie to the canvas. Melissa now has the advantage and Mellanie appears to be in trouble. However, Mellanie is still a force to reckon with, especially when Melissa realizes that, without the gloves, Mellanie’s fists are deadlier than ever.


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