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Match 1 -The Puma, like all wildcats, usually prefers to hunt alone, but, against a formidable quintet of grappling gamines (Miko, Celeste, Andie, Mina and Carolyn), even a lion king would seek assistance, this time in the person of the muscular Leonard. Celeste enters the ring first against The Puma and is quickly decked with a clothesline. Celeste is clearly in trouble as she is body slammed hard and is then hauled up again to have her back smashed on Puma’s knee. After more body-wracking assaults, Celeste is counted out, giving the first victory to the male maulers. Andie steps in against Leonard and is taken down with a clothesline as well, sparking what amounts to a replay of Celeste’s misadventures. The same things happen to Miko and Mina, but things really start going berserk by the time Carolyn is in the ring, facing both brutes, sometimes at once. The five femme-fatales have finally had it enough as they storm into the ring to attack the malevolent male duo en masse. Will sheer force of numbers be enough for the women to avoid being branded as yet another Puma kill?

Match 2 -After being thrashed the last time while wearing an inappropriately sexy outfit (DT 768-03: PUMA’S PAL), pretty blonde Carolyn, now dressed in a suitable one-piece wrestling suit and sneakers, tries her luck again against the punishing Puma. It was a mistake to challenge the lady-killer then—and it’s just as bad a mistake now. The Puma completely dominates the busty blonde and Carolyn’s initial bravado is summarily squelched. Carolyn ‘s luscious body is subjected to bearhugs, backbreakers, chokes, chin locks, body blows and even claws as she is battered on the mat, in the corner and even over the ropes. After suffering through one torturous maneuver after another, the game but outmatched golden girl can only hope that Puma will have the mercy of using his finisher sleeping hold to bring an end to her suffering.

Match 3 -Beautiful model JC Marie, impatient that her photographer has not yet arrived, looks magnificently fetching in her bare-midriff blouse, tiny skirt and black high-heel boots. Unfortunately, one should never say “fetch:” to a wild animal—especially when that wild animal is the woman-eating Puma. The Puma enters the ring and promptly smashes his fist into JC’s back. The Puma does not like it when pretty young girls aren’t properly dressed when they’re in the wrestling ring and poor JC is going to find out the penalty for such an indiscretion. The ravishing blonde is taken apart by the misogynistic brute as he smashes, throws, breaks and crushes the model into oblivion. As the slaughter plays out, the victimized babe’s garments are systematically removed, until all that’s left are her thong panties and her boots. JC is pounded, spun, slammed and stretched beyond endurance. When The Puma has finally finished with his prey, he polishes her off with his signature sleeper hold and claims his new trophy.


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