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Match 1Hollywood is cleaning her beloved collection of sneakers when black-booted meanie Tylene Buck barges in and totally disses them. Tylene throws Hollywood on the floor and plants her boot on Hollywood’s pretty face. Hollywood gets riled when Tylene begins destroying her collection, but her attack is squelched by Tylene’s cruel waist scissors. In a display of cruel imagination, Tylene continues her bullying ways by forcing Hollywood to lick her boots while she sits on Hollywood’s back. Once more Tylene starts destroying Hollywood’s treasured footwear and Hollywood’s retaliation finds her back on the floor with Tylene’s heel pressing down on her forehead. Thinking that Hollywood is a wimp, Tylene claims the sneakers as her own—and that’s when Hollywood has finally taken all she can stand. Soon it is Tylene squirming and screaming on the carper as Hollywood forces the humbled bully to kiss her sneaker-wearing feet. A figure-four neck scissors is Hollywood’s finishing move of choice as she adds Tylene’s boots to her collection and plots how to further degrade the fallen blonde.

Match 2Lisa Comshaw’s trying to warm up for her fight with Lexxi Tyler when she’s interrupted by the brutish Puma, who can’t allow any bimbo in his ring to walk out without a beatdown. Pissed off, Lisa doesn’t want to ruin her bra, so she removes it, giving the mean man his chance to crush Lisa’s famed tits. With the instincts of a veteran catfighter, Lisa kicks Puma in the balls and leaps on his back, trying to bring the monster down with a sleeper. Unfortunately, for Lisa, the powerful masked mauler gets to his feet and works Lisa into a reverse bearhug that crushes much of the fight out of the shapely tigress. Starting with an over-the-knee backbreaker, The Puma continues his path of destruction with all manner of holds, throws and blows until Lisa lays unconscious with her bra draped over face—which is how Lexxi finds her when she finally arrives in the ring. Weakened by her destruction at the hands of Puma, Lisa is at a distinct disadvantage against Lexxi, and Lexxi makes the most of it as she, smothers, squeezes, chokes, punches and otherwise utterly massacres poor Lisa, who, on this very bad day, is taking her second trip to hell.

Match 3 -Wrestling diva Santana figures Sinn Sage for a “cream puff” and expects an easy win. Sinn scoffs at Santana’s bravado, but doesn’t help her own case as she runs into Santana’s headlock and the Latina powers Sinn to her knees. Struggling to get free, Sinn’s top is removed, but she manages to remove Santana’s as well before maneuvering the tanned veteran into a waist scissors. Santana counters by securing Sinn’s arms behind her as Santana’s leg tie around Sinn’s abdomen. Sinn manages to give the proud Santana a genuine run for her money as she finds herself atop Santana, grinding her breasts into Santana’s face before turning her exotic enemy over for a surfboard. Santana then tortures Sinn with a Boston crab and a follow-up bow and arrow stretch. From here on, Santana is in the driver’s seat and she never lets up on Sinn, who is stretched, thrown, battered and choked all over the ring, until Santana’s facesit smother snuffs out what little fight is left in her wasted opponent.


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