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Match 1Jamie Lynn makes her long awaited return to the DT ring as she faces off against the dark and delicious Monica Foster. These tigresses quickly get down to business as one tries to take the other down with an initial test of strength. Jamie’s catfighting instincts have not atrophied as she trips Monica and pounces on her opponent’s back. Monica escapes and the two ring hellcats tussle around the ring in a mass of arms and legs. Long legs become steel vises as they clamp down on slender waistlines. Monica lifts Jaime up by her hair, only to end up getting decked by Jaime’s clothesline. Jaime struggles against Monica’s powerful bearhug but gets some measure of payback by ripping off Monica’s bikini top and using it to both choke and smother her. Monica returns the favor as both temptresses continue their battle topless. Sleek slender bodies are contorted, breasts mauled and bodies bashed as this demolition derby rages on to a bone-crushing scissors knockout.

Match 2 -The legendary Francesca Lé smells fresh meat as she prepares to make a meal out of newcomer Emily Addison in the DT ring. Emily is well aware of Francesca’s violent reputation and tries to get an early lead by kicking the lethal Latina during their test of strength. Francesca is unfazed by Emily’s tactics and she forces the willowy blonde to the mat, pressing down on Emily with her full body weight. After escaping from Francesca’s scissors, Emily takes advantage of a wardrobe malfunction as she attempts to use her unmoored breasts to smother her opponent. Unfortunately, her bare breasts make great targets as well and both bombshells paw and claw each other’s mounds of flesh. Punches, headlocks, chokes, straddles and pins follow in rapid succession as the experienced Francesca puts Emily through a test of fire. Bow and arrow stretches, figure-four neck scissors, full nelsons and body blows are but a few of the ingredients Francesca tosses into the mix as the bosomy butcher tenderizes her meat before devouring it.

Match 3 -This tag team match features three new girls, with Lola Lynn, making her official DT debut, partnering with Alyssa Reece against Ashley Steel and Sinn Sage, who is a veritable veteran by comparison. Lola and Sinn enter the ring first and are soon tumbling all over the canvas. Sinn puts on the pressure with a leg scissors, but the busty newcomer seems to enjoy the pain. Lola stomps Sinn around the ring and gives the more experienced grappler a good account of herself. Sinn slows down Lola’s momentum with a standing head scissors, but winds up getting caught in Lola’s version of the same hold as Lola removes Sinn’s bikini top. Sinn tags Ashley into the ring but Lola quickly cuts the taller girl down to size with a gut punch and waist scissors. Lola, needing a respite, tags Alyssa in. Alyssa and Ashley soon become a tangle of flailing limbs as they undo each other’s bras and wrestle for the upper hand. Then it’s Sinn against Alyssa as the wild catfight action grows ever more intense. Double-teaming abounds and, inevitably, all four fighters are in the ring at once and the grueling action only ends when two partners lay motionless on the mat.


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