Match 1Cali Logan returns as the sexy superheroine Garter Girl who poses seductively on the patio for photographer Tylene Buck. However, when Tylene requests that Garter Girl pose topless, the heroine refuses, concerned about her public image. Tylene then suggests that perhaps some nice action shots of Garter Girl fighting a villain would be a cool idea. Enter Garter Girl’s old enemy Bombshell (Emily Addison), released from prison for sexy behavior. Bombshell punches the purple-clad superheroine into the house and continues to throttle her as Tylene shoots away. The blonde villainess manages to pull down Garter-Girl’s bra, giving Tylene the photo opportunity she had been hoping for. Garter-Girl’s attempts to cover up only make her even more vulnerable to Bombshell’s attacks and the dynamic do-gooder is battered viciously. As she holds the heroine tightly, Bombshell asks Tylene if she’d like to join in on the fun and that’s an offer the shutterbug just can’t refuse. Can this be the last stand for Garter-Girl?

Match 2 -The evil masked villain Malevolence (Kristie Etzold) ambushes JC Marie in the ring, but is overwhelmed when JC transforms into her superheroine alter ego, Super Damsel. The caped blonde is totally destroying Malevolence, battering away at the evildoer with righteous fury. After a series of savage beatings, Malevolence is thrown out of the ring, a seemingly easy victory for the superheroine. However, this turns out to be part of Malevolnce’s master plan as she pulls out a suitcase that contains a chunk of cryptonite, the only substance that can destroy Super Damsel. The rock then transforms into a cryptonite chain and Super Damsel cowers in terror as the villainous assassin begins to take the once-mighty heroine apart. The cape comes off first, and then Super Damsel’s leotard is pulled down to expose her super breasts to all manner of abuse. The beautiful champion is a pathetic rag doll as Malevolence, punches, chokes, claws, bites and utterly humiliates her. Even when it looks like the heroine is totally beaten, the sadistic masked woman still isn’t satisfied. Chaining the helpless blonde to the ring post, Malevolence proves that there is no limit to her evil ways— and Super Damsel is a bloody testament to that.

Match 3 -It’s a non-stop superheroine slaughter as heroine Lavender Lace (famed fetish queen Kendra James, in her DT debut) is quickly thrown into the arena by the sadistic Scourge (Christine Dupree) for what the villainess hopes will be the worst—and last—day of her superheroine’s life. However, Scourge may have seriously underestimated Lavender Lace’s heroic heart as the redheaded crimnebuster starts meting out some violent retaliation. Blows and throws are exchanged from both sides, with the heroine resorting to some of Scourge’s own dirty tactics in order to tip the scales on the side of good. Pulling away the villain’s bikini top, Lavender Lace digs her mighty fingers into the evil one’s large breasts. Scourge comes back with a head scissors, but the battle rocks back and forth so quickly that the outcome remains in doubt for much of the encounter. Lavender Lace seems to tire first and is taken down by a test of strength. Scourge uses Lavender Lace’s own cape to choke the heroine into unconsciousness. Scourge removes the heroine’s boots and sets up the flame-haired crimefighter for a long bloody beating Lavender Lace won’t soon forget—if she survives, that is.


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