Match 1 -The Queen of the superheroines known as the Angels have sent one of their greatest champions Gold Star (Goldie Blair) to Earth to capture the villainess Chrysis (Diana Knight) who has defeated and captured many of their kind. In her lair, the black-suited assassin senses Gold Star’s arrival and prepares to bushwhack her, but is herself ambushed by the superheroine. Gold Star is powerful indeed, as she uses her sheer might to force Chrysis to her knees. However, when Chrysis’ teeth bare in an evil smile mated with her familiar chilling laugh, things turn against Gold Star. As she knocks out the heroine with a head butt, Chrysis runs off into the recesses of her hideout. Gold Star awakens to stalk out her target, but is she predator or prey? The Angel champion is weakened by Chrysis’ ocular power beams and the villainess is confident of an easy victory. That may prove to be Chrysis’ biggest mistake as the superheroine punches and wrestles the evildoer measure for measure. Chrysis continues to use her eye beams to overcome her adversary, but Gold Star may have been more prepared than the malevolent madwoman had anticipated. Will Gold Star succeed where so many of her sister Angels have failed?

Match 2 -When a new villainess takes down the entire police squad, there’s only one superheroine that can stop her: Garter-Girl (Cali Logan)! The heroine locates Dark Widow (Tylene Buck) in the home of a noted scientist and orders the bad girl to surrender. Dark Widow has no intention of giving up, in fact she was hoping Garter-Girl would show up so that the blonde bad girl can kick some do-gooder ass. Dark Widow has the speed and strength of a spider and proceeds to batter Garter-Girl with hard blows to the heroine’s face and belly. However, Garter-Girl didn’t get her champion reputation by being a punching bag and she starts delivering some nuclear destruction of her own. Dark Widow starts getting the worst of the battle as Garter-Girl smells victory—but perhaps a bit too soon. Some hard-knuckled punches to her crotch knocks the momentum out of the Lady in Lace and Dark Widow capitalizes on her new advantage. Things get even worse when Dark Widow pulls down Garter-Girl’s bra and digs her claws into the heroine’s bared breasts, unleashing a neurotoxin that may turn the once-unbeatable champion of justice into a lingerie loser.

Match 3 -Learning that a supervillain pretending to be her is terrorizing Los Angeles, Wonder Womyn (Hollywood) vows to take the imposter down. Wonder Womyn finds her evil counterpart Wundar Woman (Christina Carter) rifling through her files in her own secret sanctuary and the two star-spangled super babes face each other in a fight for ultimate superiority. Wundar Woman sets the dastardly tone of battle as she digs her nails into Wonder Womyn’s crotch, forcing the superheroine to retaliate in kind. The amazing amazons exchange blows, using their iron fists and devastating knees to inflict as much bodily harm to each other as possible. Wonder Womyn falls to her knees and Wundar Woman starts landing some punches to the heroine’s impressive breasts, but the heroine turns the table on her imitator, trapping Wundar Woman with a tight leg scissors. These super bodies endure and withstand a lot of punishment as this ultra-powered contest explodes with violent energy. Wundar Woman’s breasts peep out of her bustier a few times, giving Wonder Womyn more targets to attack. Neither pulchritudinous powerhouse intends to surrender and it appears that this clash of the titans will not be settled with this one contest. NOTE: VERY BRIEF TOPLESSNESS


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