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Time/Size: 16 min/342 MB

The hellcats really have their claws out as Diana Knight, in a leopard bikini, takes on Akira Lane, dressed in a tiny tiger print. These supreme catfighters start their ring contest with a test of strength, where Diana’s size advantage really comes in handy. After quickly bringing the Asian alley cat to her knees, Diana softens her foe up a bit with some head rams to the turnbuckle. After Diana removes Akira’s top, Akira retaliates by grabbing Diana’s boobs. Diana thwarts Akira by using Akira’s bikini top as a noose, choking the Japanese girl as Diana gets back on her feet. Akira is then bounced of the ring ropes and set up for a painful surfboard stretch. Foolishly, Diana steps back to catch her breath, allowing Akira to marshal a retaliatory strike that stuns the buxom brunette. Akira even manages to use Diana’s torn off bikini top as a garrote, in a nice bit of karmic payback. Diana elbows out and the fight rages back and forth with punches, scissors, breast smothers and tough, limb-wrenching holds applied and endured by both battling babes. A final devastating uppercut ends the match quite conclusively.


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