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Match 1Goldie Blair doesn’t like to share, so when she finds Francesca Lé trying on one of her bikinis all hell breaks loose. Fists fly as these delectable divas declare all out war on each other. The battering beauties then take their fistfight to the ring where there is more room for destruction. After much body damage is done, a sleeper hold appears to finally snuff the fight out of one beautiful battler—or does it?

Match 2Jamie Lynn and Shayla face each other for the first time. Jamie quickly takes the buxom blonde down and shoves her breasts into Shayla’s face. Shayla counters with a waist scissors to crush Jamie’s ribs. Neither of these beauteous brawlers have ever been known for their pro-style prowess, but as malicious catfighters they are absolute naturals as this delicious demolition derby careens to breathtaking sleeper conclusion.

Match 3Prinzzess and Alyssa, in bikinis and wrestling boots, set out to destroy each other in the ring. Eventually both ferocious foxes are battling it out topless, but the boots remain in place as long limber legs twist, constrict and kick out with leather-bound lethalness. When Prinzess almost succumbs to Alyssa’s sleeper hold, Alyssa wants to dole out even more punishment, but Alyssa’s arrogance may prove her undoing.


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