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Match 1 -SEXUAL DESTRUCTION, that’s what we are assured when we have a tiger match, and even more so when the two combatants are Prinzzess and Star 9, oh boy do these two go at it. Two sleek blondes that love their fighting and their sex so when they collide we know we are in for some real fun. A topless Prinzzess pounces on a sleeping Star and chokes her till she can strip the blue tiger suit off her, then the sexual destruction begins, like a foot to the throat as she sits on Star and goes for her vulnerable crotch, more great couch holds till Star gets her chance at control, then to the floor where she strips the bottoms off of Prinzzess and tortures her nipples, then a camel clutch that is used to soften her up for a great face sit followed by mounting and slamming her from behind. Thanks to this producer who will also soon be doing complete sexual matches with we have one sexy destructive battle. Both girls get a chance at heavy destruction as each tiger sinks her claws in for sexual pleasure and pain. We all love those tiger matches so buckle up because these sleek blondes put on quite a show !!!!

Match 2Nikki Lee Young is in the ring with her pink dress, pink lingerie, and pink shoes but it’s who she’s in the ring with that matters; Frankie Zappatelli, that’s right, the one and only big, beautiful, beat up brunette. Frankie dismisses the beautiful blonde as just another pretty face, big mistake, as this cute blonde soon has a great choke on her and while Frankie gets out she is dazed and more chokes are secured – those beautiful sleek legs wrap around the brunette’s neck and squeeze till her pretty face wears the mask of pain. But do not fear, the brutal one will not be controlled for long and when she comes back it is with a vengeance, Frankie is soon stripping the dress off and begins battering blondie in her sexy, skimpy, lace lingerie; how hot is Nikki in this sexy outfit – we almost hate it when Frankie decides to finally rip it off – that is until we see Nikki’s fabulous nakedness. The blonde is so sexy in destruction and Frankie is so in love with destroying her perfect body; her breasts are mangled, her sleek body stretched and pounded: bow and arrows, Boston crabs, rope chokes, scissors, corner destruction, bear hugs and oh so much more. No wonder the luscious blonde can barely crawl out, but what a great sexy crawl it is — another fabulous blonde annihilation match !!!!!

Match 3 -Henessy, Sophie,Minnie, and now Candy Sweet is one of the super sexy Euro girls, if you haven’t seen how sexy these natural beauties are then you are in for a real naked treat – just go to the custom match page for the Euro girls and you will see this fabulous array of beauties all with athletic young bodies and natural breasts that really bounce when attacked. Today the sweet Candy is up against one of the hottest of all; Brandy Smile, now Ms. Smile is the bigger girl but we soon learn that sleek Candy is full of fire, making for one hell of a match. Brandy dominates the opening but when our little brown haired beauty get her chance she makes the best of it by taking off Brandy’s top and putting her in a savage camel clutch. As the fight rages on both girls get stripped naked as is usually the case with these Euro girls, they just love being naked, both natural beauties are attacking with youthful exuberance – love the magnificent grapevine, Candy is on top and her cute butt flexes with each stretch of the legs and Brandy’s crotch gets more exposure with each flex. Arm bars, chest sits, Boston crabs, figure fours, head locks and many more as these natural young beauties get it on. Pony-tailed beauties in all their natural splendor – we so love these Euro babes !!!!!


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