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The bosomy Brit Goldie Blair goes up against the equally buxom blonde Shayla (aka Kristal Summers) as they answer the opening bell by smashing those impressive breasts against each other. Their flimsy bikini tops do not stay in place for long as they each dig their claws into her opponent’s exposed and vulnerable mounds. Goldie uses Shayla’s tits as punching bags as she traps her golden haired foe against the ropes and then flat on the ring floor. The English grappler is in full control as she uses her legs and hands to squash and mangle Shayla’s magnificent mammaries. Goldie even uses her own bodacious boobs to smother some of the fight out of the struggling blonde. Poor Shayla is a big-breasted body bag as Goldie continues to slam hard on her hapless victim’s upper body. Goldie is the picture of contemptuous arrogance as she grinds her foot on the fallen girl’s bosom, but the cocky babe from across the pond lets her guard down juts long enough for Shayla to trip her to the canvas and jump atop her opponent. Now its Shayla’s big breasts that cover Goldie’s face and Goldie’s own magnificent bust that becomes the target for some malicious payback. However, Shayla’s rally doesn’t last long and soon she is again getting the worst of this torturous tit tussle. Can Shayla turn things around again, or will the bombastic Brit’s bountiful bust be too much to handle?


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