Match 1 -Two of DT’s greatest legends face each other for the first time in the new indoor ring as the fiery Francesca Lé takes on the hardy Hollywood. A test of strength is settled quickly as Hollywood repeatedly kicks Francesca in the stomach, sending the Latina to the canvas. Hollywood ratchets up the pain by following up a camel clutch with a joint-wrenching arm-bar. Francesca turns the tables with a full nelson, scissors combo that quickly mutates to a crushing chokehold. Unfortunately for Francesca, Hollywood’s superior wrestling expertise becomes too much for her. The tide of battle shifts irrevocably in Hollywood’s favor as she totally dominates Francesca. Straddles, breast smothers, waist scissors, belly blows, wristlocks and many more tactical assaults are meted out by Hollywood and suffered by Francesca in this calamitous conflagration. Francesca’s top is torn away and her arching body is enticing to behold as she struggles against Hollywood’s figure-four leglock. For the first time in a good while, Hollywood also ends up topless as she pours on the pressure to totally obliterate her olive-skinned opponent. Hollywood’s signature sleeper hold finally puts Francesca’s suffering to a merciful end.

Match 2Celeste Star admits to being a bit under the weather for her match against Melissa Jacobs, but Melissa is hardly in the mood for providing any tender loving care. Melissa quickly floors Celeste with a clothesline and follows u with a few hard stomps. Celeste’s head rattles even more after being slammed into the turnbuckle. As Melissa pins Celeste down with a breast smother, Celeste’s pathetic pleas seem to only spur on Melissa’s nastiness. However, this nasty medicine may be the tonic Celeste needed as she suddenly goes on the attack, trapping her opponent in a tight waist scissors. Melissa claws her way free, but Celeste immediately regains control by digging her foot into Melissa’s crotch as she pulls hard on Melissa’s legs. Turning things around again, Melissa rips off Celeste’s bikini top but leaves herself vulnerable to Celeste’s nails digging into her breasts. From here on it appears to be anyone’s game as teeth dig into derrieres, hair is pulled, bodies are thrown and necks are crushed. Bearhugs, breast smothers, scissors and surfboards begin to take their toll on the two lovely combatants, but the outcome remains in doubt until a facesit pin snuffs the fight out of one worn out alley cat.

Match 3Cali Logan and Alyssa Reece face each other in bikinis and wrestling boots for their indoor ring match. As they lock arms at the opening bell, Alyssa takes the early initiative by slamming her fists hard into Cali’s belly. When Cali comes back with some stomach punches of her own, Alyssa counters with a kick to Cali’s abs that sends her down to the mat, making Cali’s back a perfect target for Alyssa’s elbow smash. Some knees to the ribs and a wrenching leg stretch keeps Cali at Alyssa’s mercy and the delectable Ms. Logan has to endure some serious body damage until she finally gets a chance for some payback. The rally is short-lived as Alyssa uses Cali’s bikini top to choke some of the wind out of her foe’s sails. Cali tries to take the lead again with a headlock, but Alyssa breaks free to crush Cali’s ribs in a leg scissors. Despite some impressive moves of her own, Cali seems definitely outclassed by her taller opponent and Alyssa relishes being so in charge. Alyssa shouldn’t get too cocky, however, as Cali once again rises from the ashes to mete out some hurt of her own. But how many times can a phoenix rise before its fire is irrevocably extinguished? A consciousness-crushing choke finale answers that question in no uncertain terms.


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