Match 1 – In the DT dressing room, Nicole Moore strips down to her bare essentials as she prattles on in graphic detail about how she is going to totally destroy Christina Carter. As she lotions up and finally gets into her tiny dress and high heels, the invectives get ever more acidic and grandiose. However, when it’s Christina’s turn to ready for battle, her toxic trash talk is no less acerbic and bombastic even as she too bares her magnificent body in preparation for the battle ahead. By the time these bad-mouthing bitches finally face each other in the parlor, the vitriol all but sets the room on fire and it takes little prompting from their off-camera patron for them to tear into each other. As they tumble and tussle on the floor and furniture, more and more of their skimpy attire is torn away or discarded. Sharp fingernails, long muscular legs and powerful arms do their worst to maul, crush and devastate slick, naked flesh. Sweat-drenched crotches straddle and smother gasping mouths and beautiful buns and boobs are molested for the sheer delight of their mysterious benefactor. As they address the camera throughout this heated nude encounter, it will be as if you were there, as if you were the mystery man known only as Bob, seeing the action through a voyeur’s point of view, as these hot, naked babes go all out to win—just for you!

Match 2Sandy White is tired of hearing Lisa Comshaw’s trash talk and she intends to take the smart-mouthed bitch down! This best-out-of-five contest begins with a test of strength that drives Lisa down to her knees. A follow-up arm wrestling challenge also finds Lisa on the losing end, so the auburn-haired beauty decides that a simple straight-on attack will help better her score. Unfortunately for Lisa, Sandy’s powerhouse reputation is well earned, and the big blonde thwarts Lisa at ever turn, yanking the brunette’s bikini bottom up her crotch for added humiliation. Lisa loses the first fall but vows vengeance in the second. Sandy’s wild dropkick appears to squelches Lisa’s vengeful hopes, but Lisa manages to come back from a follow-up choke with her own bikini to trap Sandy in a tight scissors and go on to take the second fall. With the score now tied, Sandy goes for broke as she continually finds one violent way after another to wedge Lisa’s tiny thong up her crotch and ass. Finally, Sandy tears off Lisa’s bottom completely and Lisa’s naked body becomes little more than a battered rag doll, the hapless target of an escalating barrage of unrelenting punishment and utter annihilation.

Match 3 – Both Tylene Buck and Emily Addison start their ring match in one-piece bathing suits, belt and wrestling boots, but most of these sartorial trappings will not long this survive this best-of-five contest. Emily ambushes Tylene before the opening bell and smashes her blonde opponent’s head on the turnbuckle. Tylene yowls in pain as the crazed Emily keeps coming at her with blow after devastating blow. Further softening up the struggling Tylene in a reverse bearhug, Emily forces Tylene to the canvas as she summarily traps her into a count-out, giving the first fall to Emily. Tylene crawls painfully back to her corner but has little time to recover as her platinum-haired foe pounces on her at the start of the second fall. In the midst of this demolition, Emily adds insult to injury by stripping Tylene of everything but her boots and attacks all of Tylene’s bare parts with delightfully sweet savagery that sets Tylene up for yet a second pin. Tylene knows that she has to win the next fall so the naked hellion tears into Emily, ripping off her enemy’s suit so that both magnificent ladies continue their battle with only their footwear as protection.


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