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Time/Size: 19 min/377 MB

Alyssa Reece is all smiles as she looks forward to finally wrestling the sensational Sinn Sage. Sinn, on the other hand, has every intention of smacking that smile right off Alyssa’s face and quickly throws Alyssa’s down to the mat and pins her down with her full body weight. Alyssa gasps as Sinn tries to smother her with her chest. As Sinn begins to crush Ashley’s ribs with a leg scissors, Alyssa resorts to some asphyxiation tactics of her own as she squeezes her fingers around Sinn’s throat. While this finally cause Sinn to release the scissors, it does little to slow Sinn down and Ashley is quickly trapped in the corner and pummeled. Ashley hits back hard, using her elbows fists and feet to set Sinn up for a waist scissors. Sinn claws her way free and maneuvers Ashley into a painful Boston crab. Body blows, scissors, breast claws, surfboards, bow and arrow stretches, camel clutches and more are just some of the entrees on the menu of mayhem that folds out during this ferocious feast and neither girl intends to surrender. The only way this will end is when one girl is totally knocked out—and when a brutal sleeper hold is ultimately applied, one girl finally is.


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