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Match 1 – Crack is dangerous and ass crack proves to be both dangerous and delightful – dangerous to Charlie Lane and delightful to all those that enjoy a nice round buttocks. Tylene Buck and Charlie meet in the ring, low cut jeans and t-shirts cover their beautiful bodies. Right away Tylene expresses how she despises Charlie and Charlie pushes her into the ropes and starts to slam her in the chest but Tylene soon turns the tables and has poor Charlie being walked around the ring like a dog and tells her to be good or she’ll spank her. This is just the beginning as the sweet Charlie endures many torturous holds, scissors, surf boards, standing head scissors and always she goes back to exposing Charlie’s behind – lower and lower go those jeans – more and more crack till she has them all the way down. Poor Charlie is humiliated to the max and to make matters worse she does give her a good spanking. Over Tylene’s knee in the center of the ring she smacks Charlie’s nice round buttocks, it shakes with each concussion from her hand, red with each shudder and shimmer as the smacks get more intense. We even get to see a good bit of Tylene’s nice behind – so if you like some nice ass and a fight to go with it – then this is the match for you.

Match 2 – You want a recipe for fun? Take two beautiful and talented wrestlers and add oil, that’s all it takes. Tylene and Hollywood meet in the center of the ring, topless and with bottles of baby oil they rub each other down, slowly and oh so sensuously they cover their bodies with a glimmering sheen. Saturated they begin to wrestle, fist we are treated to a super bear hug on their knees allowing the camera some great views, then to a choke hold with some boob mauling. Even with the oil they manage many great holds even body slams from their knees, its fabulous that these sexy beauties can really wrestle in this oil slick. Oh and it’s so sexy, the oil literally drips off of their sleek bodies, they shine and slide as they entwine their limbs – the best of sexy and sport.

Match 3 -Hugs and no kisses, lots of tight, suffocating bear hugs that’s what’s in store for Jada Fire and Cindy Pucci. Eye to eye they square off in the middle of the room and after some catty banter where Cindy challenges Jada to a crush contest they lock arms around each other and start to squeeze. Their breasts smash together as they try to squeeze the air from one another, exhausted they mutually let go but this is just the beginning of a marathon crush contest that has both of them in control at times. Front, rear, horizontal you name it, they squeeze in it, also lots of body splashes and breast slams as they batter their opponent’s bodies. Makes you wish you could get in there between these two voluptuous bodies but alas all we can do is watch – but they make it so much fun to watch.


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