Match 1 – This is a classic boxing match featuring the young and perky Miko Sinz versus the fallen champ, Julie Winchester. Julie has lost a couple of matches in a row and has been informed that if she loses again she will be forced to retire. Miko smells blood coming out the gate, and fights with an urgency that only someone as young and fit as her could. Julie however, is ferocious as she sees her end is near. Will the powerful newbie overcome the once-great legend? These two topless babes box with real passion. This fight is a pleasure to see, and a great buy for any female boxing enthusiast.

Match 2 – In this match we have two pros boxing their hearts out. “Hot Hot” Hollywood is facing “Special K” Kristiana, and neither girl is willing to give in an inch. The girls go back and forth, slugging each other in the face and stomach for what seems like an excruciating amount of time. The pretty referee, Melissa Jacobs has her hands full trying to keep the two fighters from clinching and throwing low blows. This is a very even match, with each round being pretty close. If you are looking for a knock down drag out boxing match of pro caliber, than this is the match for you.

Match 3 -Apparently Francesca Lé has been running her mouth around town about how easily she could beat up Goldie Blair. This infuriates Goldie who calls Francesca up and challenges her to a boxing match with a few conditions. The biggest condition is that the winner gets to do whatever she wants to do to the loser. The match begins with both girls in skimpy bottoms and no tops. The girls seem evenly matched at the start, but we quickly learn that Goldie is simply too strong and talented for Francesca. Goldie unleashes a violent beating upon her opponent, who withstands the attacks for a commendable amount of time. When Francesca is thoroughly beaten, Goldie decides to wrestle her. Goldie inflicts multiple holds, stretches, and chokes until Francesca passes out. Francesca wakes up tied to the corner where Goldie proceeds to beat her hostage until Francesca passes out for good. This match is one sided, borderline torture, and sexy as hell!


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