Match 1Tylene Buck and Akira Lane are both dating the same man. Unhappy about this, they call each other, and the argument quickly escalates. Both girls are so filled with jealous rage that they grab knives in hopes of penetrating each other like their boyfriend has been doing for a long time now. When the girls finally meet, a tense knife fight breaks out. The bikini tops are thrown aside leaving the girls in only tiny jean shorts. The knife fight continues for a while, and is a very close fight. However, at one point the girls find themselves so wrapped up in their emotions that they begin forcefully kissing each other. The knives are dropped and the two topless women proceed to violent kiss each other until one of them is too tired to proceed. An interesting turn of events in this wild, wicked and dangerously sexy fight!

Match 2Sinn is angry because the other girls are always cheating and Franchesca and Goldie just love beating up poor Sinn, so Sinn decides to take them both on, but wants a fair fight – sorry, these girls don’t play fair and soon are ganging up on the helpless victim. These sadistic ladies take smother to a whole new level – every kind of breast and double breast smother, all possible ass and face-sit smothers. The best are where Goldie lies face down and Sinn’s face is put in Goldie’s ass, Francesca then sits on her head, or how about the double butt sandwich smother. These girls have some imaginations as they make use of all body parts to suck the air out of poor, defenseless Sinn – it’s just not fair, but it sure is a SMOTHER good time!

Match 3 -Young and sexy Cali Logan and Sinn Sage seem to really like each other, because what starts out as a practice match becomes a sensual session of fun. The girls practice their holds, but their groans are more than a bit sexually charged, and while they apply the holds for an extended period of time, the girls unconsciously undulate in erotic pleasure. Multiple leg scissors are executed, which lets the topless babes show off their fine butts, and legs. Choking and smothering permeates this match, but it’s hard to tell whos enjoying it more— the choker, or the choked. This intensely erotic match-up is a must see. Why don’t all girls fight like this?!


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