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Time/Size: 20 min/451 MB

Tanya hears Goldie is training Francesca, now Tanya doesn’t like Goldie and likes Francesca even less, so she gives her a call and tells Goldie she wants a fight with Francesca – the fight is on but with conditions, they also do some wrestling after the bout and the winner gets five minutes of destruction on the defeated one. The day of the fight Tanya waits patiently for her victim, Francesca springs into the ring, bounding about she displays her new boxing skills and Tanya realizes she’s been well trained but still has no fear. Soon the bout is on and Tanya’s hard blows take their toll on Francesca, she is stunned by many hard slams to both body and head, but Francesca is well trained and resorts to her speed and conditioning. Hard blows vibrate both hard bodied beauties, their lean muscles quiver and shake. Finally one overcomes and wastes no time putting on tortuous wrestling holds, not even allowing her opponent to get the gloves off – each hold offers more battering possibilities. Then for the five minutes of destruction, and destruction it is as no part of this vulnerable body is spared; breast slams, crotch slams, gut slams and finally head slams. This movie has it all – with two of the best giving their all!


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