TAKING HER OUT Part 2 of 2


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Time/Size: 16 min/306 MB

This extra-length match has been divided into two parts for easier downloading and playback. Both parts are available for the special price of $14.95 each.

This tantalizing match-up features the gorgeous veteran Tanya Danielle against the beautiful newcomer Emily Addison, both girls attired only in thongs. They begin their contest facing each other on their knees. A test of strength ensues and the stronger Tanya easily dominates her foe. Emily’s beautiful face is framed over and over again by Tanya’s legs in multiple scissor holds. Tanya lovess toying with her young opponent, and aims to teach her not only how to wrestle, but how to take pain. After Tanya knocks Emily out a couple times, Emily takes the upper hand and begins to inflict many of the same painful moves on Tanya. What will the outcome be? Will the young upstart really beat a pro, or will the veteran find a way to overcome her young nemesis?


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