Match 1Alyssa Reese is an adorable young model in the middle of a big photo shoot when the powerful and beautiful Christina Carter rushes in and starts beating the snot out of her. Apparently Alyssa has made the horrible mistake of hooking up with Christina’s boyfriend. The topless Christina punches the frail stomach of Alyssa over and over again. With each crushing blow Christina’s large breasts jiggle violently. Christina makes sure to torture and humiliate Alyssa for what she has done. The gorgeous young Alyssa has feet rubber in her face, her toes are broken, and she is choked within an inch of her life multiple times. This is a fun torture match that any DT fan will surely enjoy.

Match 2 – Wow! Melissa Jacobs and Emily Addison are by far two of the hottest girls working with DT. This multi-submission match begins with both girls topless, wearing only tiny thons, on their knees, tits to tits. Quickly Emily takes Melissa to the mat, and puts her in a neck scissors that is so tight that Melissa’s face is absolutely buried in Emily’s crotch. You will be ecstatic watching as Melissa’s gorgeous face is suffocated in the warm and milky soft groin of Emily. Watching these girls submit each other is more than a treat, it’s an honor. This match is a work of art. The groans of pain, struggle, and victory will ascend as these amazing young specimens wrap their bodies around each other in primitively beautiful interlockings.

Match 3Randy Moore is stretching outside the ring when Max Mikita sneaks up behind her, rips her top off, and starts choking the poor girl against the bottom rope. The cruel Max never lets Randy catch her breath. It is total domination and destruction by the Asian sensation from beginning to end. While Max is fully clothed, Randy is only wearing a small thong. That’s lucky for us though, because Randy has one of the best damn bodies I’ve ever seen. Watching that sweet girl’s body take mounds of pain is damn sexy. So get ready for choking galore in this cruel destruction match!


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