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Match 1Tanya Danielle and Danielle Trixie – the Danielle blonds – so hot and so ready to go at it. The voluptuous Tanya is lying in the ring, bruised, bloody and battered from a previous match – enter Danielle who wants the busty blond out of her ring. Tanya doesn’t move and the spunky young blond takes advantage of her vulnerable state, she leaps on her back and puts on a seated surf board. Tanya is now furious and up for revenge, she slugs Danielle hard in her supple mid section, then bear hugs her as Danielle starts to tear the nylons from Tanya’s muscular legs. A savage breast attack is Danielle’s next ploy, soon both tops are off and these two super blonds are hard at destruction. Tanya applies a fabulous double arm stretch as Danielle is seated, each time she shakes her the young blond’s fleshy breasts wave across her chest. Then Tanya pulls her into a waist scissors where Danielle proceeds to rip the rest of the nylons from Tanya’s shapely legs. Face sits, breast smothers and sustained hair pulling makes this one great cat fight between two of the sexiest blonds ever!

Match 2 – The biggest, baddest blond of them all, Karen Fisher takes on the sleekest, fastest blond; Jade – both dressed in jeans and bra they start with pro style moves. A long suffering lock up has them both to their knees until Jade’s speed gets her on top, but Karen’s power overtakes her lithe opponent, she throws her large, strong legs around Jade’s tiny waist. Back and forth, each taking turns on top, the bear hugs by little and big are lots of fun, great bow and arrow and arm bar. In the arm bar Karen says they should fight like real women, not sure what this means Jade agrees. They leave and when they reenter the ring they are wearing robes- they introduce themselves and then take their robes and bras off – this is how real women fight! Still in her jeans the thin muscular Jade says she is going to destroy Karen’s large vulnerable breasts. Soon they are rolling and Jade is making good on her promise as she attacks Karen’s huge, fleshy breasts and Karen retaliates by using her breast pillows to smother Jade. True breast destruction as they show us how real women fight!

Match 3Ashley Grace says she can take on two girls in a tag match, Miko Sinz and Karlie Montana are anxious to answer the challenge. It will be a multi fall tag match with fifteen count pins. They start out in tight one pieces that show off their sleek bodies and wrestling boots for stomping power. They use all kinds of holds to soften each other up; scissors, chokes, camel clutches – you name it they go for it. Each gets some pins and eventually they can’t resist, the tops are pulled down so they can attack the tender breasts. Ashley even does some drops on poor Miko and soon the team resorts to a little corner cheating as they try to wear down poor Ashley. These girls put on one hell of a show as they try to weather the pain of multiple sustained holds. Youth and energy abound as these topless wonders fling themselves at each other – a true delight!


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