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Match 1Carolyn Reese and Cali Logan are ferociously gorgeous fighters. They use every weapon in their arsenal to take down their opponent. That means breast smothering, crotch destruction, and even biting. Carolyn’s pink bikini pops against the black backdrop as Cali delivers devastating blows to her gut. As pretty as those bikinis are neither girl’s bikini top stays on for a very long. This is better for us though, because the boobs in this match are top notch, and watching them jiggle is the treat of a lifetime. So get ready for an incredibly satisfying catfight, a knockdown drag out good time that you are sure to enjoy.

Match 2 – These two super young cuties talk some good smack and don’t mind backing it up by getting their hands a little dirty. Danielle Trixie is a tan blonde, while Mallory Page is a fair skinned brunette. This clash of opposites makes for a fiery fight, and a treat for the eyes. This match is playful, loud, and boisterous. Look for lots of surfboard holds and sleepers. My best bet is that you will purchase this video for the hot ladies, but fall in love with this video for its exuberant fighting. You cannot to be disappointed by this incredibly hot match. These young bombshells are going to blow you away.

Match 3Paris Kennedy, the full figured red head takes on Celesete Star, the lean, mean, killing machine. These girls take it to each other hard and fast. There is no down time and definitely no mercy between these two warriors. The camel clutches and leg scissors are especially cruel in this fight. You are going to love how each girl yells and tortures their opponent when they’re down and hurting. These two add a level of cruelty and brutality that most DT matches don’t reach. Sit back and enjoy as these women destroy each other for your viewing pleasure. Definitely a can’t miss match in the cavalcade of Double Trouble matches.


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