Match 1 -THEY’RE NAKED, not just boxing but nude boxing, yes Goldie Blair and Akira Lane are going at in sans clothes. Goldie hears Akira talking shit about her and challenges her to a nude boxing bout. After a little stretching they take off their clothes because this is NAKED BOXING, gut slams giggle the whole body of the one throwing and the one receiving because they’re NAKED. These two go for it – slugging guts, breasts and then heads – down they go but always tough enough to get up. Then one decides she wants to wrestle and off the gloves come and on come the severe holds which puts their bodies in some very compromising positions – because they’re NAKED. Finally one is stretched over the ropes and beaten soundly both with and with out gloves — wow it’s a bit of everything with nothing — BECAUSE THEY’RE NAKED!!

Match 2Goldie Locks never acted like this, Sandy White is the roughest golden locked maiden ever and who is this other young blond who dares challenge her, it’s the girl with the super body, Randy Moore. Sandy tells the newbie that she is going to put her down five times, but if Randy can win just one submission then she is the winner. Sandy loves to destroy new blood and destroy she does with devastating holds, gut shattering punches and body cracking body slams – she even goes to the point of stripping Randy nude for humiliation. But don’t think that Randy isn’t getting in some great shots, she slugs Sandy’s gut with everything she has and puts on some pain filled holds of her own , even looks like she has some energy toward the end – maybe her youth will be the surprise factor. Sandy just loves splaying Randy’s naked body over the ropes and destroying her, and we might feel sorry for her is she only didn’t look so beautiful in this position. Can her youth prevail or will Sandy annihilate her to the bitter end? They put on one hell of a show before one of them eats the canvas!!!

Match 3Emily Addison in her see through black nightie is preparing for bed when the sexy maid in her cute maid outfit comes in and grabs her from behind, it’s Max Makita and she is strong enough to hold both of Em’s wrists in one hand which allows her free hand to molest the whimpering Emily. With her hands still held captive Max proceed to strip her and now the molesting becomes more intense as she has unobstructed access to Em’s fabulous breasts, and play with them she does, with wrists still bound Max drops to her knees and starts in on the tiny bottoms’ slowly each side goes over Emily’s sexy ass till she is nude and ripe to be felt all over. To the ground Max’s strong arms take her where Emily is put in many varied positions always keeping control of her arms and allowing the beautiful Asian to stroke her entire sleek body. Over and over she gropes her restrained victim till finally she tires of her and then….


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