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Match 1 -OH MY MY – These three Euro matches may be way more than you can handle, we have spent all this time trying to hold these girls back and this time we said just let them go – little did we know just how far they would go!!! That’s right these girls wrestle true European style, they go for sex whenever they get a chance and I mean some real hands on sexual contact. They start out fighting but eventually one girl gets her opponent in a compromising position and proceeds to take advantage of her. The cute little Celine takes on the statuesque Playful Anne in our first wild sexcapade, they spend the fist eight minutes really wrestling and ripping each others clothes off but when Celine takes off Anne’s bottoms and stars kissing and fondling her ass it all changes – soon they are back to fighting hard but once they are both naked they go after each others beautiful pert breasts and get so turned on they end up kissing and sucking the hard nipples to arousal. Again we are back to fighting as their sleek firm bodies slide over each other – agin they get turned on and this time they can’t help but stroke each other some down below — this is just too much — they just can’t decide wether to fight or have sex — AND WE GET TO WATCH IT ALL!!!!

Match 2 -I thought 1001-01 was too hot to handle but then I saw this one – you ain’t seen nothing yet. First you will meet Nikky Thorne and between her rock hard tan body and her attitude she exudes sex, she is taking on the sexual Celine. Nikky loves combat and goes right after the pretty petit one and again we are treated to some wild wrestling as the sleek Nikky puts on some great holds to show she is in control – she loves it! She strips Celine and fondles her body, we can tell she is getting turned on and then she shows how in control she is as she makes her foe become her pleasure slave, she forces her to suck her tits, then she is back to more devastating holds but all the time she enjoys stoking her victim’s firm lean body – she pulls her hair back and forces her into some deep kissing, back to grappling, kissing and stroking. Now we see what Nikky is really made of (and why she is going to become one of your favorites) as she takes off her own bottoms and puts them over Celine’s face, then around her neck for a choke. Then its into a sexy sixty-nine position where they rub and kiss each others asses. Back in control our sexy wild cat Nikky forces more pleasure from the submissive Seline as she puts her in all kinds of amazing sexual holds. This one may just be too hot to handle as these two super asses stare at you in the final pin. SEXUAL WRESTLING BEYOND…….

Match 3 -The final one in this European series pits the sexy rough Nikky Thorne against the long lean gorgeous Anne, they both won their previous matches and each is determined not to lose. It’s a long battle before anyone can even get the other down as these are both very feisty girls. This proves to be a real battle, Nikky is so strong and tough for her size but Playful Anne so long with lean strength , even when naughty Nikky has a good waist scissors on her, amazing Anne stands up with Nikky wrapped around her. Finally Nikky has the brunette’s top off and then secures a hold that allows her to go after Annes perfect breasts, tweaking her upright nipples then biting her neck – she is getting turned on but tall Anne is by no means ready to be submissive, no this is a fight right up to the end – oh but watch out for that double waist scissors that turns into a 69 position where they both seem to be dishing out pleasure with their pain. This is a great nude battle between two sexy girls that really go at it – YES THESE EURO GIRLS ARE TRULY SOMETHING SPECIAL!!!!!!


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