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Time/Size: 20 min/432 MB

JC Marie and Karlie Montana are waiting to give it to Kymberly Jane because JC says Kym spread rumors about her, but the sassy red head laughs as she tells them – all she said was the truth; that JC is a baby, JC throws a tantrum denying this. Frustrated with Kym’s defiance the two attack her, they take turns with pain filled elbow drops that are just the beginning of their two on one destruction. They drag her to the corner where they show her the bag where they have put the diapers they plan on putting on her to shame her for all she has done, then it’s back to the demolition derby – her top is pulled off and used to choke her and JC breast smothers her as Karlie holds her arms – Kym’s nipples become so hard as JC’s supple breasts wrap around her face. On and on goes the destruction till a butt smother turns bad, JC holds on to the ropes telling Karlie to push Kym’s face into her bountiful butt but the tables turn and it’s Karlie’s face that ends up deep in JC’s ass. Now it’s Kym’s turn to destroy and oh does she go to it. The two ladies with the best butts in the business end up butt to butt, tied up then chained but this is by no means the end, no Kym has some ultimate humiliation in store for these two babies — ULTIMATE HUMILIATION!!!!


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