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Time/Size: 17 min/362 MB

Tylene Buck vs. Nicole Oring, both of these ladies are anxious for this one, the trash talking starts right away: “I’m ready to get down and dirty with her” says Tylene and Nicole retorts: “I don’t think you’re ready for this”. They lock up and the beautiful Asian puts our blonde in a tight head lock, the trash talking gets hotter, the only thing Nicole likes better than dishing dirt is inflicting pain as seen when she sits atop Tylene and beats her gut, but you can’t keep this spunky blonde down too long, soon Tylene has the limber brunette squished in a match book pin, she so loves this dominate sex position, from here she plants her foot firmly into Nicole’s tender crotch and presses the pain in, next she pulls her victim into a reverse head lock and prepares to sit when Nicole grabs her crotch and twists the pain in – Tylene staggers in pain but finally sits driving Nicole’s head into the canvas, both ladies end up in agonizing pain sprawled out on the mat. This is just the beginning of a wild match that soon has them topless and going back and forth, each takes her turn destroying her foe with many great holds and fabulous corner action with slugs that have both their wild hair flying, brunette and blonde hair swirls as these wildcats go at it with glee – so much fun watching two of the best do it like only they can – they love it, and so will you!!!!!


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