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Match 1Akira Lane and Nicole Oring are gossiping in the DT ring about how Cali Logan didn’t deserve to win the brand new “best booty, boobs, and tummy” contest. Their jealousy is palpable as they start to rile each other up. Cali walks in and interrupts the girls mid sentence. The angry asian duo grab Cali and throw her in the ring. Akira and Nicole double team Cali. While one of them holds her down, the other delivers devastating blows to Cali’s most prized parts: her butt, stomach, and boobs. The punishment is brutal and seemingly endless. Eventually the young and gorgeous Cali is reduced to a pile of fleshy pudding, passed out, useless and beaten. However, Nicole and Akira still can’t figure out who should have won that contest. A fight ensues, and one final warrior we be the true contest winner!

Match 2Karlie Montana and Sadie Holmes are bubbly, feisty, and sexy. These tight bodied young beauties are having a fun filled romp in the ring. They wrestle like old friends would, talking smack, laughing, and not holding much back. Their long and slender bodies twist and stretch in powerful bow and arrows, leg locks, standing surfboards, and head scissors. The only thing cuter than these girls’ natural titties is their adorable personality. Your are going to love the playful interaction these young fighters have with each other. So if you are looking for a fun match with some young cuties, than this one is for you.

Match 3Randy Moore and Capri Cavanni are two of Double Trouble’s most stunning fighters. Randy is a curvy blonde and Capri is a curvy brunette. So needless to say, this match is going o be fun to look at. Not only are these girls 10’s, but they give 110% when they fight. Watch as their perfect, goddess-like bodies are beaten and stretched to their limits. These lady warriors use their large breasts to smother the air out of their gasping opponents. This contrast of ultimate beauty portraying such cruel acts upon one another makes for an incredibly erotic experience. This is a cant miss fight!


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