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Time/Size: 28 min/596 MB

Oh do we love those beautiful girls in their short skirts, heels and nylons and what two are better for a “lady like” cat fight than Cali Logan and Danielle Trixie. We start with Danielle stroking her sexy stockinged legs, up and down she softly rubs those curves – in walks Cali with her dark hose, she also strokes her gorgeous gams flaunting them in front of the blonde. This sparks a challenge and the fight is on, they hit the couch entwined, roll to the floor still connected as each grabs through their shirts to get to her foe’s breasts. It’s so sexy to see their short skirts ride up their round stocking clad asses as they roll and writhe vying for control. Next the tops come off giving them better access to those breasts through their skimpy bras, they send their fingers under the cloth to get a better hold of some breast flesh. This isn’t good enough so the bras come off, now they can really get ahold of those breasts, they sink their nails into the soft flesh, all the time keeping those legs wrapped together. Soon the skirts are also off and now they can really go to town, from behind one girl wraps her legs around the other and grabs mounds of flesh, to the floor, legs still entwined she secures her grasp for more breast torture till one can take no more, wow, this is one long hard fought match!!!!


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