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Match 1 -Two young hot bodies in the ring with nothing but nylons on, what could be better? Melissa Jacobs and Capri Cavanni are two of DTs favorite hard bodies, and both of them can get wild in the ring. How beautiful are their rears in these tight nylons, they seem to be inviting targets as both girls attack from behind, kneading and gouging, then to the crotch area, away the loser slowly crawls only to ready herself for more action – and so much more action is in store for all lucky viewers; bear hugs, match books, scissors, Boston crabs, wedgies, head scissors and the total destruction of one pair of nylons. So sexy these two young babes, so much fun watching them roll in their skin tight nylons — nothing but nylons and fun!!!

Match 2 -Get out of the way, some wild angry women are raging in; Danielle Trixie and Celeste Star argue in the office about their legs and panty hose – their anger bubbles over, they need to settle this so it’s to another room for a real wild cat fight. Immediately they rip into each other, pulling hard with hand fulls of hair they throw each other to the ground where their legs intwine as they go for each others breasts. Soon their tops are ripped off and they struggle to get their hands under the bras for more destruction. It’s back to hair pulling and rolling across the floor as their sexy legs battle in locked combat. They need to get at those breasts, bras have to come off — there, now they can really get at those supple breasts; squeeze, knead, and dig those nails in. Finally from behind she wraps her legs around her victim’s legs and savagely goes at her breast flesh, it’s over — or is it, one can never be sure when wild, sexy women rage in!!!!!

Match 3Cali Logan and Capri Cavanni are fighting each other in panty hose and sneakers today. The match begins with the ultra cocky Cali talking about how no DT wrestler can challenge her. While Cali is telling the camera man her game plan for destroying Capri, Capri sneaks up from behind and unleashes a deadly sleaper hold. Cali eventually get her feet back under her and quickly takes control of the match. Capri’s beautiful crotch is crushed under the force of Cali’s stinky old converse tennis shoes. Capri screams for help, but Cali hasn’t even begun the real torture. Cali sits her perfect ass down on Capri’s gorgeous face and then grabs Capri’s soft undercarriage with her sharp nails and powerful fingers. The match ends with a wonderful humiliation session. Cali forces Capri to sniff and lick her filthy shoes and feet. This is some of DT’s best humiliation work.


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