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Match 1 -Rock em sock em — hits galore, if you like lots of punches than this one’s for you – and to make it even sweater we have two of our hottest blondes; Tylene Buck and Randy Moore. They meet in the office of a gym where Randy is looking for some action, both ladies are in sexy shirts showing off their beautiful breasts and skin tight jeans. Randy wants real action, she wants in their underground fight club and she wants to fight Tylene — it’s on. In the ring both girls take off their tops but leave on their sexy jeans and then in a strange twist they oil each other up in a very sensual manner. Once the fight is one we see why Randy wanted this fight she is very skilled with her fists and her movement, hard shots to Tylene’s gut, back, then breasts and finally she starts working on her face. Tylene is so angry as she desperately swings for the fences but hell, the real joy here is watching these two beauties bounce around the ring, their sexy bodies striving for victory. Oh and of course some stripping humiliation awaits the loser — if you like hits with beautiful blondes than this is the one for you!!!!

Match 2 -Wow, are we lucky today!! We get to see Randy Moore take on another fabulous blonde; JC Marie – this is to see who has the strongest abs. It’s no doubt they both have beautiful guts, hell, every part of their bodies are beautiful but they are here today to see who can take the most to the mid section. They start out topless with string bottoms on and each one takes turns pounding on the others gut, Hard deep shots are delivered to their supple skin and sometimes they go after those fabulous breasts, but mostly it’s those guts that get tested: in the corner, entangled in the ropes, in a back breaker, on the mat in many positions. They take turns seeing who can take the most, always stretching each other out and hitting hard, their luscious bodies shake from the explosions until we have two exhausted fighters. Finally in a test of stamina they find themselves barely able to swing, but hit they do right up to the bitter end!!!!!

Match 3 -It’s so much fun to have two wild ones go at it in a wild cat fight and that’s just what we have here with Danielle Trixie, and Celeste Star. These are two young vixens that love to get down and dirty. The blonde vs. the brunette and they both love to trash talk, spitting fire at each other, both in words and deeds. The tops don’t stay on long as these ladies want to attack everything, discovering their pert little nipples make great targets, but then again, with these two every part of the body is open to attack; the butts get clawed, breasts stretched, guts slugged and scissored, savage chokes, bear hugged, crotch destruction, bow and arrow, camel clutch and many of their own improvised torture positions. Their beautiful young bodies roll over each other as they entangle for pain – two of the most spirited cat fighters around – it’s so much fun watching these great wild ones in action!!!


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