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The topless Francesca Le stands in her corner, she doesn’t know who her opponent is, she asks Mark but he is also unaware of who is scheduled, “I’m a little nervous, I really need a win, I got creamed in my last fight, I hope it’s not a big girl – I really need to win,” says Fran. In walks a topless Cali Logan, now Francesca doesn’t know Cali but she does like how small she is, a big grin crosses her face as the rules are announced — a submissions only match in thirty minutes, the most subs wins. The bell rings and a cocky Fran sets up for a test of strength, how wonderful watching these two topless warriors strain for dominance, their firm bodies push and pull as they breath hard, or at least Fran is breathing hard, now those that know Cali know how strong she is – probably the strongest girl and the best wrestler for her size. Her speed soon has Franny in a reverse bear hug and this is just the beginning of the one sided mayhem. Cali’s speed and strength prove too much for poor Fran, with each submission she forces the tan beauty to raise her hand in victory and there are a lot of subs with a lot of destruction; headlocks, head scissors standing and figure fours, full nelsons, bow and arrow, kicks to the gut, Boston crab, arm bars and oh so much more. The girl with the most DT matches gets it from the pound for pound toughest girl – a thing of beauty !!!!!


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