Match 1 -This is a classic DT style boxing match featuring Hollywood and Francesca Le. What does a DT style boxing match mean? It means that both girls start out topless and swing for the fences from the beginning to the end. These boxing beauties throw tons of haymakers doing enough damage to kill a normal person. However, these girls aren’t normal. They are two of DT’s most dangerous and battle tested vets. They chew up and spit out newbies for a pre-workout snack. Today they face each other, so prepare for an apocalyptic clash of ultimate beauty and unbridled power. Which of these battle goddesses will leave the ring victorious? You are definitely going to want to watch and find out.

Match 2 -This wonderful bout features two of the biggest tittied Asian girls on the planet: Jessica Bangcock and Kianna Dior. They strap on their boxing gloves and get to punches the lights out of their cute faces and perfect breasts. These paragons of beauty fight the entire match wearing nothing but shoes, tiny boy shorts, and their bruise inducing gloves. To make this match even hotter, both ladies have pigtails that flip back and forth as the boxers cause massive brain trauma to one another. If you are a fan of lots of boob and gut shots than this fight is right up your alley. Kianna and Jessica spend loads of time putting together huge barrages of body blows, that leave each other gasping for air and mercy.

Match 3 -I think it’s about time for a tag-team match and boy are we getting a good one. This match features Kobe Lee and Randy Moore taking on Celeste Star. The young and tight bodies of these stunning women sweating and struggling is the apotheosis of female fighting. In this fight, you will witness cruel defeat and astonishing success, a true portrait of the human soul and its strength, plus you get to see titties. Can the skinny Celeste really take on Randy and Kobe? Won’t they just cheat and take advantage of Celeste? I can’t give you these answers, but I can tell you that Celeste is tough as nails and if Kobe and Randy thought this would be an easy match… they were dead wrong.


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